– Where does it stand?

When hearing “CHINESE MEDICINE”, many people will think of thin, sharp acupuncture needles pricking the skin along strange, invisible pathways called “meridians” or “channels” that traverse our bodies; while others will associate CHINESE MEDICINE with the use of exotic animals for their claimed medicinal value.

While the first of these images will always remain true, thankfully the latter one has seen great shifts with the progressive establishing of more stringent regulations to ultimately do away with such practices that realistically serve no purpose in our modern times, other than to cater to insatiable misguided egos.

Instead, plant- and mineral-sourced medicines are emphasized.

Such greed-driven industries and the media attention they receive, all too often drastically undermine the rich potential and hope that the time-tested system of traditional CHINESE MEDICINE holds for our present and future.

So, regardless what your stance is as to where the corona virus originated from and how serious it ultimately is, we will ALL continue to be affected by it and especially it’s progressively developing consequences for some time to come. Some of the health-related consequences have, of course, already been affecting many people, dare I say ALL of us, in varying ways. Whether due to pre-existing health conditions or simply the mental strain of this current global phenomenon and the emotional fallout from the existential angst that understandably ensues, our body’s capacity to continue to successfully regulate itself while now also dealing with this new challenge placed on it becomes compromised, making us vulnerable.

This vulnerability will show itself uniquely with each of us. Examples include but are not limited to: depression, weakened immunity, upset sleep, poor digestion, physical pain, low concentration, skin eruptions, etc., etc.

What sets the view and subsequent approach that underlies the practice of CHINESE MEDICINE very clearly apart from that of modern medicine is that we are each individuals and will always continue to respond as such. Based on this ongoing response, CHINESE MEDICINE recognizes those aspects of a person that require assistance, to minimize vulnerability and maximize resilience.

These are amongst the numerous universal aspects that apply to us humans – throughout life, ALL of us must continue to breathe, fight gravity, eat, drink, process, assimilate, eliminate, move, rest, sleep, think, feel, adjust to weather changes, etc.

No-one is exempt from these factors, yet the varying degrees to which we continue to experience them will always be individual, and it is this very individuality that lies at the centre of the practice of CHINESE MEDICINE. Therefore, how each of us has been experiencing these factors contributes to how your body and you in it will continue to deal with new challenges as they come up – whether physical, mental, emotional, or environmental.

This virus will ultimately infect all of us, yet how we will each be affected will be influenced by the quality of the above-mentioned factors.

The traditional tools associated with CHINESE MEDICINE, the more popular ones being acupuncture, Qi Gong, herbal medicine, cupping, and massage work to support the body’s ability to be ever more independent.

Emphasizing the above guiding aspects is part of the key to enabling the body to do just that.

So, whether your sleep has become restless with vivid dreams, or your digestion has gone funny, or your migraine seems to have gotten so much worse since this recent time of Corona, CHINESE MEDICINE can offer you a safe and effective treatment strategy to get the body to overcome the relevant challenges at hand.

During my past 18 years of practicing CHINESE MEDICINE, I have gained much successful experience in helping many people regain their independent health, whether from recent or chronic afflictions. Amongst those are also many who had been suffering from a variety of immune, respiratory, and digestive conditions.

Having worked in so many different clinical settings, I have been blessed to truly appreciate especially how it affects the body so differently from modern medicine. Namely, it adjusts how your body continues to respond to the current demands placed on it – the Corona virus is no different. It is a kind of challenge to the body, that each of our bodies will meet uniquely to its capacity to do so.

Already I have had successful results with patients with symptoms related to the Corona virus, speeding up their body’s response and subsequent recovery.

It is important to understand that it is not the Corona virus being treated here (nor am I in any way implying that I have done so as none of these patients had confirmed diagnoses for this virus) but the body’s ability to overcome symptoms.

Of course, as much as the effects on our bodies are individual, so are our responses to treatment. Herein lies the efficiency of CHINESE MEDICINE, in that it concurrently supports other systems of the body to better overcome the main challenge.

As per my permit, I am formally available at my practice to attend to emergency appointments as well as emergency house calls, using acupuncture and cupping therapy – adhering to all government-mandated hygiene protocols, so that everyone from patients to staff to practitioners are always safe.

Additionally, I am available for tele-consultations via Zoom or Skype, to subsequently prescribe the appropriate medicinal Chinese herbs that will then be couriered to your door.

I hereby want to encourage you, the curious reader, to understand that you have this very safe and time-tested system of medicine at your disposal, and I look forward to introducing you to a new way to understand your health, and what you can do for it.


Dr. Thomas Jahn has been studying and training Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts for the past thirty years, and Chinese Medicine for the past 25 years in a host of countries including Japan, the USA, China and, more recently, South Africa. He has had the great fortune of being able to witness the successful application of this medicine in a broad variety of clinical settings, including hospitals, substance abuse clinics, hospice, sports medicine, homeless clinics, as well as in integrative and private practices. Thomas started learning to read and write traditional Chinese characters over 30 thirty years ago. He has subsequently transcribed numerous original texts on Chinese medicine, martial arts and Qi Gong. His ongoing passion for this unique language grants him a deep understanding of the medicine and the arts he practices and teaches.