Addressing the misconceptions of Pain and Exercise. Pippa Hudson speaks to Associate Professor Romy Parker (Director of the Chronic Pain Management Unit in the Dept of Anaesthesia at University of Cape Town) and Jonathan Joshua, a registered Biokineticist with a masters degree in Biokinetics and a special interest in pain and injury management…

Jonathan Joshua

Jonathan is a Biokineticist practicing within a multidisciplinary health and medical practice. He has a master’s degree in Biokinetics (MPhil) and has a special interest in pain and injury management (PG Dip). Essentially, his modality involves exercise and pain neuroscience education and also takes into account a wide view of quality-of-life factors such as sleep, hygiene, nutrition, stress management, etc. Movement variability is a strong component to his style of teaching. No single movement or exercise philosophy is superior to any another. Variability is key.